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Meet the Team!

Hey! Jericho and Clarissa here.


We're so excited to help you and work with your business. We believe each individual is unique–so we want to give you a custom experience that is tailor-fit to your business. 

We're committed to elevating your brand with premium Real Estate photography and media, and we want to be more than just a vendor–we want to be an invaluable partner to your business!

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Service Principles 

Serve Others. Start every day asking yourself, "How can I make someone's life way better today?" and seek eagerly to fulfill that goal.

Take Pride in Your Work. Choose to love what you do and create something so good that you'd be proud to sign your name on it. 

Choose A Good Name. Choose to build your character and never tear down someone else's. 


Be a Student of the Game. Learn from others. Never feel like you've arrived. Watch and analyze those who are way ahead of you.

Challenge Normal. Just because you've always done something a certain way doesn't mean it's the best option. Be consistent but never stagnant. 

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